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In a spontaneous way and almost without thinking about it for some time now, people have been looking for us at CÂPÂ to design rings and custom-made pieces.

We receive a wide variety of orders and therefore we know that each occasion is different and, for each person, special. We have made jewelry to honor family, friendship, important moments, someone's memory, but above all, we receive orders for wedding rings, which proves that love is always current.

When it comes to mentoring those who decide to join, we meet with them to understand what they want. We carry out unique creative processes for the couple and therefore, we need in each project to have a new space to imagine, build and finish. Sometimes we want to try not one, but several ideas, until we define the one they like the most. Then comes the construction, which because it is a manual process, may require repetitions in some of its steps. We are also wrong, but we always correct and learn.

 We live in a world in which we have become accustomed to having things immediately, however in CÂPÂ processes take time because we believe that everything requires a necessary period to obtain good results. If a ring is to last forever, we need to allow adequate time to do so. On average, the production of a ring takes seven weeks that vary according to the complexity of the piece and the volume of orders that we have upon arrival.

/ This is CÂPÂ

At CÂPÂ we seek a balance between doing things well and enjoying our work.

When we created the brand we knew we wanted to design and build directly -without intermediate tools such as the computer- to have an enriching experiencethat would allow the connection between ideas and creation with our hands. In the process of building our aesthetic, handmade and imperfect, we move away from everything that regularizes geometry, and gives space to spontaneous and natural events. 

Inspiration comes from everything around us. We imagine how we want a piece to be, we draw it, we model it in wax, and in this way, it begins to have life. We are curious and meticulous, we love details, as well as experimenting with different materials and developing new processes.

/ Engagement & Wedding

In recent years we have created in CÂPÂ a place for those people who are looking for a jewel to get engaged and / or married, but above all it is a magnificent space where we listen to love stories, stories of conquests and idyllic places.

With the idea of listening to people and then materialize their thoughts and concepts in pieces, appears in CÂPÂ this made to order section. 

/ Some FAQ

How do I know my ring size?

We get a lot of questions about how to find the perfect size. It's very important and sometimes confusing. Ideally, the ring shouldn't fly off as you wave, but it also shouldn't be so tight that it cuts off your circulation on a hot day. For this we have made a small guide to get an idea of what the ring size is.

Do you have a catalogue?

We have a catalog that you can download here or request it by cell phone +57 314 7198866 or email In this catalog we have a sample of the pieces we have made over the years.

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Ready to ship

We try to have some references in stock. You can write us to this email or to this number +57 314 7198866.

You can also visit our online store in the chapter of engagement rings and wedding rings ready to ship so you can see different options.

-Our rings are classified in two main categories, CÂPÂ Classics and One of a kind.


CÂPÂ Classics


One of a kind


Gold & Silver



A showcase of our pieces...

What our clients think of our work...

I loved the ring. It felt like it was made for me and totally reflects my personality.


Medellín, Colombia

What I liked the most was finding someone who could translate my ideas into a ring. Cata did it perfectly.

—Daniela Taborda

Medellín, Colombia

As soon as I saw the little piece of wood I was very happy, not only for all that the moment means, the question, the conversation and everything that implies, but because I knew it was a CÂPÂ ring. I love CÂPÂ and with Cata I have felt a lot of affinity with her.

—Camila G

Medellín, Colombia

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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