Ring Sizing - Engagement, Wedding and Custom Rings

We get a lot of questions about how to find the perfect size. It's very important and sometimes confusing. Ideally, the ring should not fly off while you are waving, but it should not be so tight that it cuts off your circulation on a hot day.

If you are in Medellín or in the surrounding area, ideally you should visit our shop-workshop to have your size taken, otherwise we recommend going to a local jewellery shop to have your size taken in person.

Most of our rings can be adjusted, but there are some rings in which it is not advisable to change the size - for example, most of the CUMBRE rings or those in which the stones are embedded in the metal. The ring cutting process can take about a month, depending on the complexity of the ring.

If you have any questions, please write us to diseno@capajoyeria.com or to the cell phone number +57 314 7198866.

To make the quotation it is important to have an approximate ring size. This helps us to have a price very close to reality when quoting. This is why we ask you to use one of the following options to have an "approximate ring size".

Remember that this sizing process described below is for quoting only, once approved the size should be rectified as indicated above.

Rule of thumb: The ring should slide over the knuckle fairly easily and need a little force and movement to get it off. It's a good idea to measure your finger size several times on different days to get an idea of how much it fluctuates.

How do I get an idea of my ring size?

1. If you have a ring that fits you/ Diameter (⌀) of a ring.

  • Pick the ring that fits on the finger you want to wear.
  • Take a ruler or tape measure and locate the ring at the top-what we want to know is the diameter measurement (⌀) that the ring has. The diameter (⌀) corresponds to the size.
  • Make sure that the inside of the ring starts at a whole number to make finding the size much easier.
  • Once you have found the size of the inner diameter (⌀) of the ring, find the size that corresponds to that size in the Size Guide table at the bottom of this page.

    2. If you don't have rings/ Finger circumference.

    • Take a string or strip of paper.
      (Try to use a non-elastic material).
    • Circle the finger you want to wear the ring on.
      ·Remember that all fingers have different measurements.
      ·Avoid measuring near the knuckle.
      ·Do it accurately. A millimeter can change the size.
    • Mark the point where the paper crosses/joins.
    • Measure with a ruler the length, from the start of the paper, to the marked spot. This measurement is the perimeter of the circumference of your finger.
    • Already having the perimeter you can use the formula to find the diameter (⌀) and know the size.
     diameter (⌀) = perimeter/3.1415
    • Once you have found the inside diameter (⌀) measurement, find the size that corresponds to that measurement in the Size Guide table at the bottom of this page.

    Remember that this size taking described above is for quoting purposes only, once approved the size must be rectified in our workshop or at a local jewelry store.

    /Sizing guide

        talla anillos

        Sizing Guide
        Size US Diameter
        mm cm
        1  13  1.3
        2 13.4 1.34
        2.5 13.7 1.37
        3 14 1.4
        3.5 14.3 1.43
        3.75 14.6 1.46
        4 15 1.5
        4.5 15.3 1.53
        5 15.6 1.56
        5.5 15.9 1.59
        5.75 16.2 1.62
        6 16.5 1.65
        6.5 16.8 1.68
        7 17.2 1.72
        7.5 17.5 1.75
        7.75 17.8 1.78
        8 18.1 1.81
        8.5 18.4 1.84
        8.75 18.8 1.88
        9 19.1 1.91
        9.5 19.4 1.94
        10 19.7 1.97
        10.5 20 2
        10.75 20.3 2,03
        11 20.6 2.06
        11.5 21 2.1
        12 21.3 2.13
        12.5 21.6 2.16
        12.75 22 2.2
        13 22.3 2.23
        13.5 22.6 2.26
        13.75 22.9 2.29
        14 23.2 2.32
        14.5 23.5 2.35
        15 23.9 2.39