In May 2019 we decided to open our shop-workshop. After having our space in a beautiful loft overlooking the mountains of Medellin, we embarked on this new path complementing the CÂPÂ space with a store open to the public.
Today it is a magical space that we have created with hard work and dedication, we have been part of the construction process and the design of each object that is there.

Our shop-workshop and store is the space where we materialize our ideas, it is there where we meet for the creation of pieces and contents. In this place, friends, family and clients come to visit us and between meetings and conversations we get to know each other.

Câpâ Store and Workplace

It is a small space where we develop all our pieces, from conception to commercialization. For us, it is very important to have everything in one place. In our shop-workshop, we have a manufacturing area, where we create our pieces; an exhibition space, where we present all our creations for sale; and finally, a design and office area, where we come up with our designs and organize our space.


Handmade objects, custom-made furniture for CÂPÂ in natural woods, and plants cared for and watered with love are some of the elements that make up this space. We always want to remember and emphasize the power of the connection between the mind and our hands; we think they are our best tool.


We intend that our process is visible, that the craft is highlighted within our space, that people can visit us while we work. We like to gather around this space, between the creation part and the exhibition part, the workshop is the articulating center of our space.

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FLag Shop Store — Envigado, Colombia

Km 17 Vía las Palmas - Indiana Mall. Local 120
Tel. +57 3226878018 / +57(4) 4796063