What inspires us.

The tropical environment becomes an inexhaustible source of inspiration in our creative process, where nature plays a significant role. We visualize our jewelry pieces, capture them in drawings, and then bring them to life through painstaking wax modeling.Driven by a deep curiosity and passionate attention to detail, we constantly explore different materials and develop new techniques. Over the years, we have brought to life collections inspired by tropical plants, the sea, birds and infinite space. In our Marriage & Engagement Rings collection, the imperfection of love and its stories become our main source of inspiration.when we conceived the brand, we made a conscious decision to design and manufacture directly, bypassing intermediaries such as computers. This deliberate approach enriches our creative experience and fosters a direct connection between our ideas and our hands. In creating our handcrafted and imperfect aesthetic, we move away from anything that seeks to regularize geometry, welcoming the spontaneous and the natural.

Our creative journey.

Each theme becomes a space to investigate a topic of interest. In this way in CÂPÂ we travel through different landscapes and the world. CÂPÂ is the medium that Catalina takes into account to study, draw, reflect and have solvent positions about our environment. Then these ideas become spontaneous drawings that turn into jewelry. We carve the pieces by hand and then use the ancestral process of lost wax.