What inspires us.

The tropical environment becomes an endless source of inspiration in our creative process, where nature plays a significant role. We visualize our jewelry pieces, sketch them, and then breathe life into them through meticulous wax modeling.

Fueled by deep curiosity and a passionate attention to detail, we continuously explore different materials and develop new techniques. Over the years, we've given life to collections inspired by tropical plants, the sea, birds, and the vast expanse of space. In our Wedding & Engagement Rings collection, the imperfection of love and its stories become our primary source of inspiration.

At CÂPÂ, we seek the balance between doing things well and enjoying our craft.

When we created the brand, we knew we wanted to design and construct directly - without intermediaries like computers - to have an enriching experience that fosters the connection between ideas and hands. In the process of building our aesthetic, which is artisanal and imperfect, we distance ourselves from anything that standardizes geometry and make room for spontaneous and natural occurrences.

Our creative journey.

Each theme becomes a space to investigate a topic of interest. In this way in CÂPÂ we travel through different landscapes and the world. CÂPÂ is the medium that Catalina takes into account to study, draw, reflect and have solvent positions about our environment.

Then these ideas become spontaneous drawings that turn into jewelry.

We carve the pieces by hand and then use the ancestral process of lost wax.

The Creator

Catalina Patiño is the visionary behind CÂPÂ, a name that encompasses different roles, tasks, and possibilities. This is how Catalina is both a jeweler and an architect. Her days as a jeweler unfold at CÂPÂ Atelier, a workshop dedicated to creating jewelry for life, where Catalina serves as the creative director. Among her personal creations, she also founded CÂPÂ Architecture, a small architectural studio in collaboration with Juan Pablo Ramos. (www.caparquitectura.com)

Biographical Details: As an architect, Catalina Patino has designed several projects for the city of Medellín, such as the expansion of the Museum of Modern Art of Medellín (MAMM), in collaboration with 51-1 from Peru. Additionally, she has participated in the design of public projects, including educational parks and childcare centers. Her works have been featured in magazines such as Mark, Harvard Design Magazine, Architectural Record, Arquitectura Viva, and Abitare. She has been a speaker at prestigious universities such as CCA (California College of the Arts) and the University of La Salle in León, Guanajuato.

Our Diverse Team:

Our team is predominantly composed of women. We strive for each person to fully enjoy their work, and although each has a different role, creativity is our common bond. With CÂPÂ, we aim to transform the microcosm of the people who are part of this team. We seek to offer fair salaries, appropriate schedules, and transform CÂPÂ into a peaceful, creatively abundant, and joyful space for all. We deeply believe that creative processes intertwined with art and culture, requiring reflection and employing hands as the primary tool, enrich our lives and make the lives of our members even more pleasurable.

How We Impact Our Environment:

We take every possible step to minimize our environmental impact on one hand and forge strategic alliances that promote conservation and stimulate research on the other. Here are some of these efforts:


We create enduring jewelry, genuine treasures designed to become legacies passed down through generations. At CÂPÂ, we always offer maintenance and repair services for those jewels that have lived long lives and continue to tell stories.


We aim for our collections to have an impact on environmental, investigative, and social aspects. Therefore, in some of our collections, such as Marina, we collaborate with Corales de Paz to restore delicate marine corals. In our most recent collection, Astra, we donate 5% of sales to the Planetarium of Medellín.

Fairmined Gold & Silver

In our wedding rings, starting in late 2023, we exclusively use Fairmined gold or gold generously provided by our customers from their previous jewelry, which we affectionately refer to as "recycled gold at CAPA." For more information, visit: https://fairmined.org/es/

We are beginning to explore the circular economy, considering the possibility of offering jewelry rentals from 2024 onwards. In this way, we aim to create a cycle where jewelry finds a return and can be enjoyed by others.



Meet our workshop & store located in the outskirts of Medellin, Colombia.

Our Technique

Our pieces

Our pieces are handmade and painted one by one in our workshop in Medellin. They are a 100% Colombian product.

Our retail store

KM 17 Vía Palmas, Mall Indiana LC. 120, Envigado, Antioquia, Colombia

Mon - Fri, 8:00am - 5:00 pm
Saturday- Sunday, 10:00 - 6.00pm

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