At CÂP  we seek the balance between doing things well and enjoying our work.

When we created the brand we knew that we wanted to design and build directly - without intermediate tools such as the computer - to have an enriching experience that would allow the connection between ideas and hands. In the process of building our aesthetics, handmade and imperfect, we move away from everything that regularizes geometry, and we give space to spontaneous and natural events.

 Inspiration comes from everything around us. We imagine how we want a piece to be, we draw it, we model it in wax, and in that way, it begins to come to life. We are curious and meticulous, we love details, as well as experimenting with various materials and developing new processes.

In CÂPÂ as well as in the tropics where we live, we try to express diversity through our pieces. With it the innumerable textures and colors that bring us closer to being timeless pieces that, through manual and artisan work, highlight the qualities of life.

CÂPÂ jewelry is an artistic creation place in which each piece is designed and manufactured by hands of diverse people from Antioquia. Since 2010 we have been fabricating traditional jewels that are storytellers through colors, forms and textures; and invite you to wear ideas, images and experiences that will always be around the memory.

It is said about Medellin people that we are entrepreneurs and innovating, maybe that words lost their meaning if we repeat them constantly, but when we were kids we played little store and built houses with pillows and cushions. Between mountains, we were mixing together our passion for architecture, design and organic forms. The leaf’s enervations, the colors of the flowers, the coral’s textures, the geometry of the rocks and the topographic folded of our tropical context are part of our inspiration and traveled with us to new locations where we continue discovering aesthetic proposals that transform our artistic expressions.    

Like cabinets of curiosities from 17th century, our jewels hide secrets from nature that we discover through different ways of looking. We experience perspective, scales, pigments, concepts and metals to fill our pieces with details that make them unique. We move permanently between the recovery of ancestral techniques and the vanguard design to deliver unrepeatable pieces full of stories and sensations. 

Our work team

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Behind each jewel we knit a symbiotic relation between individual, community and environment; over the years our work team has incorporated artisans who support our local manufacturing. Furthermore, in CÂPÂ we work with high quality materials and whenever possible we work with recycled metals and eco friendly gemstones.



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CÂPÂ is more than a jewelry, it is a place for conceptual design that is interested in projects with different levels of complexity. Our creative processes have been applied to furniture design, architecture projects, and even urban projects. Catalina Patiño, our founder, is also founder of CÂPÂ Arquitectura studio. To know more, we invite you to visit the following link:

A text for CÂPÂ written by Sara Lugo-Márquez


Our product

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100% locally manufactured

Hands as a tool

Our jewelry is 100% locally manufactured in Medellín, Colombia. We believe in slow processes and short series

Give back to people or the planet

We use recycled materials. We receive old parts to create new ones. We want to do fair trade and maintain a work team that is passionate about what it does.

Be a surprise, be a gift

We create jewelry for life and for the home. We want to be surprises in people's lives, accompany special moments and generate memories.


Mall Indiana LC. 120 — KM 17 Vía Palmas 

Envigado, Antioquia, Colombia

MONDAY - SUNDAY, 10:00am - 6:00pm

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