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/ Wedding stories

A while ago I began hearing stories of encounters, of love, of memories of a place, of magical places, but above all, of descriptions of beloved ones. Ever since, I started to understand that my role as a jeweller would be to transfer those messages into unique pieces that would narrate not only events and interests but also story descriptions.

Over time I’ve become more passionate about these stories. I have met wonderful people with charming anecdotes, full of magic and surrealism. I never really thought that through designing engagement and marriage pieces, I was going to be able to feel so close to those who were one step away from starting a new chapter in their lives. And at the same time, to be able to share their emotion and anxiety but also the happiness experienced at that one special moment.



Some couples say that they remember their wedding day as one of the happiest days in their lives. To me, whom never got married or engaged, but have now two beautiful children, at times it was difficult to understand why people decided to take this big step in their lives. Every time a couple approaches me -either a man or a woman- looking to find their engagement ring, I can see why there's magic and significance behind this moment. It is a unique occasion, a moment from another era, timeless and romantic. I try listen carefully to these couples, I hear their cosmic interpretations, their different ways of living, their accords and disagreements, the stories about their trips and the possible places where they will live. They tell me everything about why this is an ideal time for them to be living as a couple, and then I travel with them, with these stories and their dreams about a life where love is timeless and spaceless.

Rings have been amongst us ever since the times of ancient Egypt. They are incredibly old pieces that symbolise the connection between two people. At CÂPÂ rings narrate a union because as well as our pieces life has imperfections that embody love and capture how endless love can be.

In this new part of CÂPÂ, I will narrate -between truths and fictions- the love stories that we have come across when designing some of the rings.

We have also opened an online space with some CÂPÂ pieces. These pieces are linked to nature and its landscapes and they are there for those whom these ones can give meaning.












Cata from CÂPÂ

Photos courtesy of Valeria Duque - @vduquefoto