/ Valen & Daniel

/ Valen & Daniel

Dani came to CÂPÂ always accompanied by his two partners from Taller A. We had many conversations about the ring for Valen because she did not wear rings or many accessories, but she was very interested and careful with the details. For me it was a challenge from the design.

He was very clear that at that moment we had to imagine a ring, not another piece, for all the symbolic load and history that an engagement ring entails and for all that it would mean for them to wear it in that sublime moment. Between our conversations and meetings about what could be the ring that would represent her, we carved several prototypes of which the result was a charming piece because it highlights the beauty of simplicity.

We used quartz, a rough one with a special geometry to fit on a flat surface full of small textures, a very representative stone for D & V. A tone-on-tone ring between quartz and rose gold.



All photos courtesy of Valeria Duque - @vduquefoto