Flowers, leaves, stems and tangled tendrils.
Sensual curves expressing femininity.
Natural and subtle rhythm.
Nature manifests itself, free and organic, breaking the structure of the past. Art Nouveau, a new art that embellishes the space and the body, highlighting the essence of nature.

Art Nouveau is the artistic movement that inspires the Floreale collection. It is a curvilinear, undulating and organic art, in which each element seeks to caress and enchant the eye of the beholder. The art leaves the museums and the academy to embellish and give aesthetic value to everyday spaces and objects, such as the designs of houses and buildings, their interiors and decorative objects, jewelry, posters and textiles.

Several factors contributed to the creation of this style of art, one of the main reasons was the search to integrate the old and the new, the past and the future. Although it was a trend that was born at the height of the industrial era -around the second half of the 19th century-, its artistic motifs evoked a romanticism for ornamentation, curved lines, undulating forms, and above all the vindication of craftsmanship.

Art Nouveau undid the division between higher and lesser arts, or between arts and crafts, but also managed to integrate the opposites to make them complementary: the organic and the industrial, the individual and the collective, the ornamental and the functional. William Morris, one of the main artists of this trend, did not distinguish between art and craft or artist and craftsman. He himself was a multifaceted creator who developed and worked on several pieces simultaneously: drawings, tapestries, jewelry, furniture, ceramic works, etc. His way of perceiving art went beyond the limits of the museum and put beauty at the service of everyday life.

The work of William Morris, mainly known for his prints and floral patterns, becomes a source of inspiration not only aesthetically but also conceptually, as he recovered, in the midst of the industrial era, the art of creating with hands, in order to make art functional, for everyday use and beautiful.

This time inspires us at CÂPÂ. Our jewelry goes through the hands of those who conceive the idea, design and produce it, a team work that creates a design until the end. This is why we take time to create and develop each piece of jewelry. Contrary to the speed of serialized production, we value slow and handmade processes, in which the use of techniques and instruments are complemented by the rustic and delicate forms of nature.

The details of our jewelry, its asymmetrical balance, its motifs inspired by nature and its undulating forms, are characteristic features of the Floreale collection that, like Art Nouveau, find the essence of the natural not in chaos, but in the organically symmetrical. The symbology and elements of this collection have as their main characteristic the curved line, which recalls the stem of a plant, the movement of the sea wave, the subtlety of a tendril, the bud of a tulip and the elegance of birds. Floreale honors the beauty found in the forms of nature and brings them in romantic jewelry that expresses femininity and elegance.