Dogs and cats, rabbits and horses, cows, llamas and alpacas. Friends and family, beings with whom we share life. Fausto, CÂPÂ's animal companions, celebrates those who have always accompanied us and remind us of our connection with all forms of life.

We are born and live with a deep curiosity towards the world, living is the desire to know life. All living beings and elements of the cosmos, from the most elementary level of matter, develop and conform through relationships and their affinities, from the consolidation of a rock to the building of a family or friendship.

In the web of life, where human beings are just one of its threads, everything is beautifully interconnected through relationships. In order to exist in the world, we need to find allies and helpers, which is why throughout evolutionary history on Earth, each species has generated different links with its environment and with other species in order to survive.

Symbiosis, this mutually cooperative relationship, shows us the most sublime and finest form of this web. Domestic animals, for example, are the result of a relationship where both animals and humans have transformed to adapt to the ever-changing lifestyles brought by time. These millenary companions have allowed us to leave anthropocentrism behind and see the world beyond our human limitations. They have sensitized us, while accepting us as their friends and family.

Fausto is the dog that walks you home, is the cat lying by the window next to daisies and geraniums,  is the cow you see grazing on the side of a great mountain, is the rabbit that sleeps during the day, the llama and alpaca in the Andean altiplano and the horse running in the meadow. But today's Fausto also shows us the need to see the beauty at the heart of life, where all relationships occur, where even the most miniscule and elementary becomes extraordinary.

For CÂPÂ by Carolina Posada